Music for Recovery


Music for Recovery

Back on Track

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Emerson House, March 2017
Emerson House, March 2017


This song was written in a workshop with people in early recovery at Emerson House in Cape Cod, MA. The format of the workshop allows people to gain hands-on experience with recovery skills like letting a process unfold and slowing down. It was rerecorded by Kathy Moser and Alice Leon and additional members of the Promises Collective.

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The Road to My Recovery - Back on Track
Emerson House, March 2017

Still have lots of work to do
To be the best I can be
But I’m finally on the road
To my, recovery recovery ….

Took a wrong turn, was lost I can’t look back
asked for directions now I’m back on track.
On track, on track
Now I’m back on track
asked for directions
now I’m back on track.


Needle in my arm
Kitchen cabinets burning
Bad decisions, desperation
Damaged, numb and yearning

Resting on OK
Fighting to fit in
Lost in a big house
Where do I begin?


Toxic rows of pain and fear
Afraid of the unknown
Persevere through the discomfort
Someday I’ll make a home
I’ll make a home
I’ll make a home