Music for Recovery


Music for Recovery

Cut That Anchor, Catch Clean Wind

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Cataumet, March 2016
Cataumet, March 2016


This song was written in a workshop with people in early recovery at Cataumet in Cape Cod, MA. The format of the workshop allows people to gain hands-on experience with recovery skills like letting a process unfold and slowing down. It was rerecorded by Kathy Moser and Alice Leon and additional members of the Promises Collective.

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Cut that Anchor, Catch Clean Wind
Cataumet March 2016

Cut that anchor, catch clean wind
Now I’m here, it’s time to begin
The higher power that waits for me
Will take my hand and set me free

Guilt and shame, the story of my life
Thundercloud...can't see the light
Nauseating, wrenching
Whirlwind of the mind
abyss of the heart
Being buried alive


This knot in my stomach
This weight in my throat
Anxiety suffocates
I drown and I choke
Leave the past in the past
Make this the last time
Help me picture life
Leaving it behind


I’m able to see
what life can be
feel the sunshine
see the child in me


Leave the past in the past
Make this the last time