Music for Recovery


Music for Recovery

Finally Free

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Emerson House, December 2014
Emerson House, Decemeber 2014


This song was written in a workshop with people in early recovery at Emerson House in Cape Cod, MA. The format of the workshop allows people to gain hands-on experience with recovery skills like letting a process unfold and slowing down. It was rerecorded by Kathy Moser and Alice Leon and additional members of the Promises Collective.

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“Finally Free”
Emerson House Dec 2014

I believed what they were telling me,
what they were telling me wasn’t true.
I’m taking control of who I am
having faith in what I do.
I was hiding from myself.
now I’m finding my own voice.
Cuz life is what I make it
And now I have a choice

Momma always taught me
put other people first
But every time I did that
Things always got worse
I ran away from life
life wasn’t worth living.
To fix the unfixable
I’m the one that needs forgiving


I needed to feel wanted, now I need to feel free
Taking back my power, make myself my priority.
Drugs consumed my soul, robbed me of all control
now I’m working on myself, believing I am whole


I needed to be wanted
Now I’m finally free