Music for Recovery


Music for Recovery

Time To Live Our Lives (No Reservations)

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Cataumet, September 2016
Cataumet, September 2016


This song was written in a workshop with people in early recovery at Cataumet in Cape Cod, MA. The format of the workshop allows people to gain hands-on experience with recovery skills like letting a process unfold and slowing down. It was rerecorded by Kathy Moser and Alice Leon and additional members of the Promises Collective.

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Time to Live Our Lives (No Reservations)

Cataumet, September 2016

Look to the sky and see I'm alive
The time has arrived for us to live our lives

My reservations have reservations
My resentments, well they do to
I can’t listen, can’t listen to them
'Cuz what they say
it just isn’t true
just isn’t true

I can have just one glass of wine
A couple of glasses would be fine
Not to say forever,
one last time is never enough
is never enough

The light is getting brighter and time is on my side
The tunnel nears it end, but longer is the ride
longer is the ride, yea, longer is the ride