Music for Recovery


Music for Recovery

Twenty Four Hours

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Cataumet, June 2015
Cataumet, June 2015


This song was written in a workshop with people in early recovery at Cataumet in Cape Cod, MA. The format of the workshop allows people to gain hands-on experience with recovery skills like letting a process unfold and slowing down. It was rerecorded by Kathy Moser and Alice Leon and additional members of the Promises Collective.

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Cataumet June 2015

I don't remember exactly what day or time
the alcohol…….
took over my mind
My body was shaking and I found it hard to think……
I couldn't go an hour …
…..without another drink

We can learn to breathe,
Let ourselves slow down
We deserve better
This new life we found…
Get down on our knees
Help me higher power
Just get us through…. twenty four hours….

Looking to myself in the mirror when I’m high….
Staring into my eyes makes me want to cry….
Today is now
tomorrow never comes…
Somethines I ask myself ask self how has this begun


The future’s full of chaos
says the carnage of my past…
The war inside my mind
doesn’t have to last
The future is coming one day at a time ….
the future is coming… and it will blow my mind….


Just get us through…. twenty four hours…. One day at a time ….. 24 day at a time…24 hrs…one day at a time…24 hrs…one day at a time…24 hrs….one day at a time….