Music for Recovery




Gosnold On Cape Cod

Daytop NJ

The Refuge

The Meadows

Father Martin’s Ashley

Spring Hill Recovery Center

Carrier Clinic

Rutgers Summer School of Addiction Studies


Client Feedback:

"First it was intimidating. Then, it was possible. Then it was creative and fun.  I felt proud at the end. Something I haven’t felt in a very long time.          Michele age 57    Emerson House


Been to many programs and never had as much fun as I did in this group”  Mario Age 22 Miller House, Gosnold, MA


“I smiled so much my face hurts!”  Jane age 53, Father Martin’s Ashley, MD


“I've never done anything like this. If it wasn't for the two of you, I don't think I would have come to terms with my addiction. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming today."  Michael J. Age 28, Miller House


“Brilliant. Without this I would swear recovery was the living dead.  It created a safe and real atmosphere.” REACH Recovery High School, Casper, WY


 “We did exactly what we all talked about fearing.. working as a group!  Thank you”  Megan age 20, Seabrook House, NJ


“Fantastic presentation, well prepared, well presented.  Would highly recommend this program.”  Larry age 57, Seabrook House, NJ


“I liked all the references to recovery during the songwriting process – fantastic.” Chris age 56 Cataumet , Gosnold, MA


“Greatly performed and laid out in a way that was what I am going through in recovery.”  Mark, age 22, Cataumet


“The lyrics promoted a deeper understanding of my own problems and suggested ways to overcome them.”  Chuck age 45 Cataumet


“Nice to know what you have to go through to get to joy.”  Christina, age 45, Emerson House


Awesome way to overcome fears while having a blast!”  Meg, age 27, Emerson House


“This was by far the best group activity that I participated in at Emerson House.” Chrissy age 41 Emerson House, Gosnold on Cape Cod


“This was awesome even though I was very skeptical. Thank You!” Jamie age 28 Miller House, Gosnold on Cape Cod


“It was so much easier to identify with specific subjects through the music – wonderful program.” Siyanna 58, Emerson House


“Kathy brings a wonderful, artistic aspect to the recovery process.  She is experienced, knowledgeable and a great teacher and enthusiast for sobriety. “ Jane 47 Emerson House