Rise Up
Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music for Recovery TU2
Summit Oaks – January 2, 2020

1. One thing I need to change to recover is…

When I sit around and think
All I want to do is drown
It’s so hard when there’s so many bars
If I make another sale
I’m gonna wind up in jail
It’s time to rise up and not fail

If I continue to get high
I’ll always feel ashamed
But now I have the faith
It’s a fact that I can change

If I want something new
I gotta change what I do

The fact that I got high
Is a fact I can’t deny
I’m not the one to blame
Cuz I used behind my pain

But now I have the faith
it’s a fact that I can change

Grab onto a friend
So I don’t fall again

It amazes me
why I never get so many Z’s
If I want to clear my head
I gotta go to bed