Freedom Is
Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music for Recovery TU1
Summit Oaks – January 2, 2020

1. One action I can take to be free is…
2. To me freedom means...

Freedom is living independently
Taking care of I, myself and me

Freedom to me means… contentment
One action I can take to be free is to be me
Free a of disease
Free from the police
What’s free to me you wouldn’t understand
Free will to build free to expand
Gotta be free to give a helping hand

I can be free
When I know me
Learn my triggers
And remember to breathe

Wanting to live a life without labels
Free to feel and express all that I’m able

Freedom means no closed in spaces,
no straightjackets, no jails, no rooms
no enemies, no people that don’t tell the truth
but pursue goals we have without something of their own
not material objects, wanting ours instead of their own

I ain’t trying to get my car towed away
don’t you take me now, take me away
I would love to stay even if they took away

To me freedom means more than not giving up
it’s something to strive for, overlook
trust the beats, take mental notes please
and let something around you flow from your knees

Freedom from depression, sadness, oppression
full of energy and motivation
living life in a different situation

Work sets you free
With security
And responsibility is the need

Don’t take me away
I want to stay
And feel my freedom
Even if they take it away

To me freedom is going down the road