What I Need to Know
Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music for Recovery TU2
Summit Oaks – Dec 5, 2019

1. What I need to know to stay clean and sober is...

Recovery is my friend
Addiction is my foe
The day’s gonna come
When it’s time for me to go
I don’t want to rush
Cause the process is slow
If I wanna live here’s what I need to know

Some say it doesn’t work
Just going day to day
The groups and the meetings
But I’m gonna tell you
I’m going all the way

Jogging and music
They calm my spirit
The things they say in meetings
I know I need to hear it

I gotta stay away from people, places and things
Get new numbers in my phone for when it rings

If I give in to a craving
I’m the one to blame
But if I ride it out
That’s how I’m gonna change

Is to live the life I choose to be
Drug free
And get back my family
Like it used to be