It’s Hard to Connect
Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music for Recovery TU5
Summit Oaks – Dec 5, 2019

1. One thing that helps me connect with people is…
2. I need friends because…
3. It’s hard for me to connect because...

It’s hard to connect
Because I shut down
But I break if I don’t have people around

I like to talk to people
And learn how they are
But I’m quiet and shy
So it can be hard

I connect through pop culture
Like Instagram
It’s hard to be alone
because of how I am

I can strike up a conversation
In any situation
I need to be in the tribe
I need other people to survive

I like to talk about
Drawing and wood
Building with my hands
makes me feel understood

I need to be with people
Who think the same
When I’m alone too long
I go insane

I need friends
to show that people care
But sometimes I overthink
And the words aren’t there

When I’m with friends
I feel better
I like it when we go out together

I refuse to let people get
Close to me
‘Cause things are not how
They’re supposed to be

Learn to trust and
put down my guard
Is gonna take time because
The world is hard

I need healthy ways
To make new friends
Or it will start all over again
I need people to feel loved and okay
Otherwise it’s like groundhog day