Never Going Back
Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music Group TU3
Summit Oaks – Dec 5, 2019

1. One thing that helps me not give up is…
2. One action I can take to not give up is...


I remember how bad it was in the end
Helps me not give up
Never going back again

I wanna change, tired of the pain
tired of these same days
tired of the times I keep putting on these bandaids

The strength I have in my higher power
Gets me through, hour by hour

Faith is what gets me through the day
I don’t give up because I pray

I want to live a meaningful life
With my faith, my family and my wife

There’s so much that I’ve been missing
Want to get back to sister and my niece
In the kitchen

I don’t give up ‘cause Ma never gave up on me
Want to get back to my bass guitar and my family

I pray to God to save me please from a life consumed by pain
I pray the misery to cease and make me whole again
Rainbows of light appear through prayer
My soul can clearly see
my God has placed me on a path to be a better me

One thing that helps me not to give up
my grandchildren inspire me to keep striving up
God keeps me going in a positive way
each and every day

Go to a meeting
Call people to change
Gotta do it different
Or I’ll end up just the same