Turn the Page (The Freedom Song)
Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music for Recovery TU1
Summit Oaks – Dec 5, 2019
1. To me freedom means…
2. One action I can take to help myself be free is…

My wings are clipped
I’m feeling caged
Have to love myself
To turn the page

To me freedom means
Work on myself
Better my health
Improve my abilities
Accomplish all my goals and dreams
Become all I can be
Living life to the fullest
No bounds no grudges
Just living life with freedom
Peace of mind

I’ll feel free when i get out
I need to use my team
And take my meds without a doubt

Be free as a butterfly
But I’m stuck right now
I want to get out
Somebody help me out

Being able to be myself
Without fear of judgement
From anybody else
Having my confidence start to grow
That’s the freedom I want to know

I want to be free as a bird
Learning to fly
I’m not sure what to do
But I’m willing to try

Being outside
No one watching over me
No one telling me what to do
That’s being free

Being to create when I feel like it
But right now I just got to wait for it

When the first person you call
Is your husband not your dad

Without fear of judgement by anyone else
To me freedom means PODER
Two actions I can take to help myself
If be free is to let go
Freedom means run ten, fifteen “K”
Just to get away
And let go, let go
But never of you, you, you
You’re my family
Being outside
Noone watching over me
No one telling me what to do
That’s being free
When the first person you call is your husband
Notcha dad
Then you know, oh, oh, oh
He’s the one

To be free from drugs
And experience the good
Things life has to offer
Be able to make
Your own decisions to
Better my life in a
Positive way
And bring my family
Back to me and the love
I need