Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music for Recovery TU2
Summit Oaks – Nov 14, 2019

1. One resentment I need to heal from is…
2. One goal that keeps me going is...

I want to heal from guilt
Heal from the shame
Hold onto hope
‘Cause I know I can change

Stop letting the drugs control my ways
It’s time for light
it’s time for me to stop being stubborn
and get the help that I need
I am never going to stop trying
to get the help that I need
til I beat this ugly disease
a lifetime process that time will show
dear lord please help me grow
and let the disease go
help get me back to the life and the love that I know

People tried to intervene
Keep me sober, make me clean
I’m resentful they’re stealing the show
But I can see, I can grow
Get off this dysfunctional merry-go-round
Plant my feet in solid ground

They filled me with narcotics
Locked me in institutions
Instead of talking to me
To find a real solution
I want to channel all that anger
To a different destination
Keep other kids from ending up in the same situation

My parents took my son away
I miss him every single day
I use that pain to help me change
And stay clean just for today

I’m the one who put me in this chair
I want to stay clean, I can get there
I don’t blame anybody else
I take responsibility for myself

I lost people, I lost money
I lost the last 20 years
So much destructive behavior
Time to change the gears

I want to change the story
Turn the page
Let go of the sadness,
frustration and rage