I Want To Stay Clean
Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music Group TU3
Summit Oaks – November 14, 2019

1. I want to stay clean because…
2. One thing I need to do different is…

I want to stay clean
‘Cause I want to live
I’ve got work to do
I want to forgive
I gotta change my daily routine
So I can stay sober and clean

When I’m not clean
I break my niece’s heart
This girl that I helped raise
The most important part
There’s something missing in my mind
Something missing in my soul
I want willpower but I got no control

I have to stay clean for my older sister
Been gone four months oh how I miss her
Need to process all the feelings
Process all the pain
Come to some closure
So I can be sane

I don’t know what I don’t know
But there’s something missing
What I need to do different
Is just shut up and listen

I want to stay clean
So I can get back to my dream
Back to the music, back to the tai chi
Back to being truly me

I want you clean
Because I want you to live
The sins you’ve committed
I want to forgive
If you could stand up
And change your routine
The day will soon come
When we’ll be living the dream
Just give me a minute
Please me quiet and listen

These are the reasons
I need to be clean
‘Cause my mother’s tired of raising a fiend
‘Cause I’m tired of this constant race in my mind
‘Cause I’m tired of never being on time

I want to stay clean
Because when I’m not it breaks my niece’s heart
This girl I helped raise is too important in my life
The most important part
The disappearing acts I pull continue to break her
She needs me full time