It’s Gonna Take Time
Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music for Recovery TU5
Summit Oaks – Nov 14,2019

1. One things I need in order to heal is…
2. I’ll know I’m better when...

I need patience ‘cause
It’s gonna take time
To heal my body
And clear my mind

I like to sing when I pray
I connect to God in that way

Lost inside my mind, can’t get out
Need someone to help me figure it out

To heal I need to move and shout
And to look put-together when I go out

I want to share my story with the kids
So the don’t have to go through the things I did

Right now I can’t do it alone
But I’ll know that I’m better
When I can do it on my own

What I need in order to heal
I need to recover to know how I feel