Don’t Give Up
Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music for Recovery TU5
Summit Oaks – Oct 2019

Written from the prompt:

What helps me not give up is….

Don’t give up, don’t give up

I keep going ‘cuz it will get better
My kids and me, safe together

I hold onto Bianca’s memory
The way I loved her
I want to love me

I still have faith
Even when I’m scared
Because my family
Has always been there

I follow my plan because I can
No one needs to understand
Why I am the man I am

I keep going because of the pain
I want to show my family I can change

My life is more important
Than I thought
My kids need me
That’s why I fought

I use anger to build
Not to destroy
I want to show them
I’m not the world’s toy

I stay persistent
Due to my fifth step
So I can change the behaviors
I can’t live with

When I was close to defeat
I rose to my feet
Every day until this life is complete

I keep moving even when
I can’t talk
Grab a leash, get outside
Take the dogs for a walk

I know I’m not useless
I won’t give up the fight
I don’t want to prove
My brother in law right