Help Me Deal with How I Feel
Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music for Recovery TU3
Summit Oaks – Oct 17, 2019

1. It’s hard to deal with my feelings because...
2. One thing that helps me deal with how I feel is…


Help me deal with how I feel
Now I’m here, it’s all too real

It’s hard to feel my feelings
That’s why I drink
I’m here cuz I need help
To change the way I think

My life is like a light switch
it’s like a light, on and off
but when I shut down I’m straight evil
no matter what the cost is I don’t care about nothing or no one
It’s like a wall with two sides
one side is nothing but good
caring, helpful
but let the light switch get too bad and again
now it’s like stay back, leave me alone
I will not be the one to be around
because you come up to me crying
I’ll be like man stop crying
or my girl cry me a river I just might swim in it

I don’t need my feelings
Cuz I’m naturally numb
But when I add the drugs
I don’t like who I become