Clarity, Strength and Discipline
Written at Urban Recovery Oct 27th, 2019

Written from the prompts:

What I need to change to stay clean and sober is…..

It’s hard for me to do that because ……

Verse 1
I’ve been bouncing back and forth
Feeling out of control
need to get out of my head
Back to my body and soul

You say you’ve been helping,
But I still feel all alone
Where were you all those years
You were never on the phone

I need help, need to let somebody in
I need clarity, strength and discipline
When I feel anxious
When I feel weak
Use my voice and learn to speak

Verse 2
I had the same reaction for so many years
I’d drink behind the sadness, the excitement and the fears
It’s hard to make a change to learn new actions
Will I get the same satisfaction?


Verse 3

What I need to stay sober is a mystery to me
I hear the horns outside, can’t find a path to be free
Need to challenge the things I thought I knew
Change my perspective and my point of view

It’s hard to sit with the way that I feel
I wanna make it stop ‘cause it’s way too real
I wanna be better, not just better now
I’m open to finding any way how

I need to stop believing in all of the lies
It’s time for me to start taking off my disguise
All these years I’ve been lying to myself
It’s time to admit that I really need help