Therapeutic Activities Dept: Music for Recovery TU2
Summit Oaks – Oct 17, 2019

Summit Oaks: TU2 10/17/19
1. The next step I need to take is...

Take one step, keep it in the day
reaching out for help and starting to pray
take it slow, hour by hour
time to give it up to my higher power

The next step I need to take is to stay focused
It wasn’t too long ago I began to take notice
That my life was out of control
Trying to take it a day at a time
Now I’m with some chick trying to rhyme
Take it one step, one step
Keep it in the day
Now I’m doing all this prep
I just started to pray
Take it slow, hour by hour
I’m going to leave it up to the higher power

Keep myself in line and not whine
Focus on the good so I don’t end up in the hood

One step at a time, gotta retrain my brain
trying to refrain no more boozing or crack cocaine
don’t want to stay the same,
that should not be your claim to fame
cleaning drugs from my brain
stop pumping it into my veins
and try to refrain

To love myself is the main line
I’m the only one who knows me and knows my crimes

So now I’m in recovery, I am not alone
I know I belong somewhere
you know I’m headed for home
Idle hands, they always use
I gotta keep busy
With the work I choose
Here’s what I’m gonna do
I gotta to stay clean
Keep working hard
Avoid the old scene

The next step I gotta take in my recovery
is remember why I breathe and just be me
Finally found a place to stay
I need help to find my way
So scared that I’m going to end up fading away
When I get out
I have to start mending all my family fences
Without I doubt

The next step I need to take if I want to do it
is stay mentally, spiritually physically fluid

Gotta stay in a positive mind state
Take care of my body, take care of my head
Go see the doctor
Get straight with my meds