Change is Coming
Written at Wayside House July 27th, 2014

Verse 1
Change is coming for better or for worse
I can’t help other’s when I’m bound by this curse
Change is scary, its not what we’re used to
I can’t survive if I’m not trying something new.

our struggle with change is something we share
surrender is tough, so change if you dare
our struggle with change
leaves us dazed and confused
I know I’m changing cuz I feel brand new

Verse 2
Change is scary, don’t know what to expect
now I’m asking others what I should do next.
Change is the only thing that stays the same,
I can tell I’m changing cuz I’m going against the grain


Verse 3

Change hurts that's how it feels.
But I got to surrender take my hands off the wheel.
Change makes me angry and sometimes blue
today I live for me and not for you