These songs were written, rehearsed and recorded in 2 hour workshops with up to 40 people in early recovery.  Most of the clients we work with have little or no prior musical experience.

The Recovery Research Institute at Harvard Medical School did a study of our work in 2016 and found that these workshops increase cohesion in groups, provides a sense of hope and catharsis and contribute to success in long-term recovery.

Here's what some participants had to say:   

 “We did exactly what we all talked about fearing.. working as a group!  Thank you” 
Megan age 20, Seabrook House, NJ 

“Fantastic presentation, well prepared, well presented.  Would highly recommend this program.” 
Larry age 57, Seabrook House, NJ

“This was by far the best group activity that I participated in at Emerson House.”
Chrissy age 41 Emerson House, Gosnold on Cape Cod 

“This was awesome even though I was very skeptical. Thank You!”
James age 28 Miller House, Gosnold on Cape Cod

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