"This is the highlight of my group recovery plan. 
The overall engagement of the group is phenomenal and the energy level is very high"

Tyler - age 34 Absolute Awakenings

"What I got out of music class is confidence.  I was afraid to sing; open my mouth in front of people, because I was told I had a bad voice.  This class made me believe that every voice is different and I have a unique voice that's worth listening to." 
April - age 28 Center for Great Expectations

"Being able to dance in the Music for Recovery group allowed my soul to open. Receiving praise for something I love and sharing with the group was very healing. My heart is full and filled with love and appreciation for my journey in recovery. 
I am a happy woman."

- LK - Rolling Hills Recovery 

“Music group has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and try something different.  It’s taught me to use mistakes to create a new idea and relax and have a good time.  And laugh at myself.  I learned I have talent and it helped me strengthen my bond with my girls in the house.  It showed me to listen to people who have experience and I’m so glad to have these songs and for memories and to sing to my baby.  I wrote her a lullaby I use every night and 8 months ago I’d never believe I was capable of doing anything like that.”  

R - age 40 Center for Great Expectations

"Being part of the music group helped me realize my dream.  I'm more confident and comfortable with myself and I'm more about who I am.  I would never be able to love myself the way I do today if I had not participated.  It was hard and uncomfortable but worth it."

E.K. age 24 - Summit Oaks IOP

"I love the way everyone is coming together and working well as a team.  It's awesome to see."

Kandace - age 34 - Center for Great Expectations

"Writing lyrics at Carrier Clinic helped me stay sane
and helped me identify who I am"

Brian - age 16

"I did not pick up a guitar for several months before attending the IOP program at Summit Oaks.  Kathy brings a level of excitement to the group that is contagious.  It inspired me to get back into performing. Whether it is singing, playing an instrument, dancing or spoken word, I have seen so many individuals come out of their comfort zone due to the positive environment created."

Glenn - Summit Oaks IOP

"My first thought was "this is dumb" when attending this group the first time.  You showed me how to heal with words, how practice makes better, how growing is uncomfortable.  Thank you for meeting me where I was, making me feel important and showing me how important baby steps are."

Laura - Center for Great Expectations

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